Arle Lodge, nr Tobermory, Isle of Mull UK
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Our Ethos

Rescue Animals
Stressed? Come to Arle Lodge and cuddle a sheep!

Many sheep in the farming industry are too afraid of people so you can't get close to them. We want to show people how loving, intelligent and friendly these wonderful animals can be.
Our sheep are orphaned, male, rescued or retired.
We do not use the sheep for wool, milk or meat.
We also have dogs and rescue cats. All our animals love it when you lean over the fence for a cuddle, but please do not enter the garden unless we are with you, please do not feed them anything unless we have given it to you. Please do not leave any of the red wooden gates open. They like to escape and are stronger than you think. Thank you.

sheep cuddling

more sheep cuddling

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Animal Photo Gallery

We permit guests to store and cook what they like in the kitchen, but we do promote a vegan lifestyle for animals, health, and the planet. Most of us who work at Arle Lodge are Vegan. Should you have any questions please do ask for Hannah.

We are an eco Lodge

What is our definition of an ecolodge?

It employs systems that protect the environment from pollution and degradation.

It is located in a rural area where there is wildlife.

It employs energy saving tactics and renewable energy technology.

It employs, or has access to nature guides who are either trained in biology or have significant local knowledge of the habitat.

It provides books, posters, maps or other ways to inform guests and visitors about the biology and history of the area.

It helps train and employ local people at fair wages.

It helps inform guests, staff and visitors on the importance and value of a healthy ecosystem and describes how to best enjoy the area without impacting it.

It contributes to the local economy and helps demonstrate that ecotourism is a more sustainable long term way to earn income than destroying or altering habitats for short term gains.

Our Environmental Policy


We have solar panels.

Most internal and external lighting has been changed to low energy bulbs and fittings. Guests are requested to reduce consumption further by switching off lights and televisions when the room is not occupied.

We try to minimise the use of the business vehicle as far as possible and combine trips with other purposes. In addition, home deliveries of products via local suppliers where available are arranged.

Radiator thermostats are turned down to a low setting while the building is unoccupied. Guests are free to increase the setting if the room is too cold for them. It is better to increase the temperature in a room rather than have to reduce it by opening a window.

There is also a timer on the radiators, these can be set to either 1/2 an hour, 1 hour or 2 hours before automaticaly switching off.

Fresh linens and towels are provided for each new guest and they are changed when specificaly asked for by those on an extended visit.

We have energy saving Eco washing machines in our utility room, which we use on a low setting whenever possible

As and when appliances have reached the end of their useful life and are deemed beyond economical repair only new energy efficient versions will be purchased.

Chemical Usage/ Toiletries

Washing of towels and linens only when necessary/requested thereby keeping detergent and energy usage to a minimum.

We use a sufficient amount of chemicals to ensure cleanliness and hygiene standards whilst making sure nothing is used to excess.
When we have to use cleaning chemicals we use items that are 100% biodegradable and where possible phosphate free.
This is not only better for the environment, it is less harmful to the bio-organisms in our septic tank.

Use of a steam cleaner to create a clean sterile environment without the use of chemicals.

We have installed dispensers for Hand wash which we refill as and when necessary.

Re-Cycling & Composting

Receptacles are provided for guest use for the recycling of newspapers and magazines, glass bottles, food and drinks cans and plastic.

All recyclable material is collected by M.E.S.S (Mull and Iona Environmentally Sensitive Solutions) and taken to an appropriate recycling facility.

When we have them, used plastic carrier bags are utilised in the waste bins in the bedrooms instead of new bags.

All suitable kitchen and garden waste is composted.

The reverse of printed notices are re-used for internal printing purposes or scrap paper.

Envelopes are re-used where possible.

As and when linens, curtains or other fabrics have reached the end of their useful life they are reused as furniture coverings, rags or taken to an appropriate recycling facility.

We recycle Paper & cardboard, plastic and glass

Water Consumption

Our water comes from a spring on the hillside. It is plentiful and free, guests do not have to conserve water. However, we prefer that our guests do not waste the hot water.
We have our own septic tanks to purify the waste water.
We do not have a dishwasher.

Our actions:

We support the local economy by using local suppliers and producers where possible.

We try to use as much Organic and Fair Trade produce as possible.

Purchasing of environmentally friendly concentrated cleaning chemicals in 5 Litre containers that can be diluted on site.

Our hand wash is purchased from 'Out of Eden' in 5 Litre containers which we dispense into containers.

When buying any item we consider how many environmental miles the product has travelled.

We make a point of choosing products that have the least number of environmental miles. This helps us to support local producers while helping to reduce carbon emissions.

We try where possible to use businesses or companies with a published environmental policy.

All toilet and kitchen rolls that we use are made from 100% recycled material.

Our contribution to M.E.S.S

We have a lost property box, anything that has not been reclaimed after a month is donated to the 'Island Castaways' two charity shops that are operated by MESS (Mull and Iona Environmentally Sensitive Solutions).
There is one in Craignure and one in Bunessan that encouage the re-use of items.

We also buy books and videos for the lodge from this organisation.
The proceeds are used to support other areas of the MESS projects, the rest is donated to local good causes.

We recycle Paper & cardboard, plastic and glass
Click here for the M.E.S.S recycling webpage

Alan Greenway and Hannah Morris Arle Lodge, nr Tobermory, Isle of Mull, PA726JS, UK
We are a small family run business and our reception is open from 9:30am - 11:30am then 3:30pm - 7:00pm
Tel: +44 (0) 1680 300299 
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More information about our eco Arle Lodge

When it comes to being eco-frienly we believe having a clean conscience means a great nights sleep!

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